Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life with rats

My current rental doesn't allow for pets. So, sadly, my cat Gherkin had to stay at my mum's house until I move (in Jan 2011).  Life without "fur babies" is kind of I got some rats. 2 male, dove hooded ratties: Motzie and Colby. Yes, I have a food theme going with my pets, before Gherkin I had Pepper., headbutting to floor in his sleep
I quickly became a rat nurse as both suffer from a respiratory disease (Myco).  I learnt that rats can smack syringes of antibiotics out of your hand. Motzie holds the record at 1 metre away. And, that it tastes really gross.  I also became a doting mum.  While waiting for the medication to kick in, I'd stand in the shower, clothed, with the hot water on to provide "steam therapy" to my congested rat babies.  I now plate up a 'rat-sized' portion of most of my meals and have a stock of frozen peas, yoghurt, and berries for my "babies" who need extra nutrients.

It's also been a lot of fun!  I'm limited by space so their current cage is small. So, they usually spend the day on my double bed with me.

Motzie and Colby snuggled up on my bed (with my heater)

Usually, they look so adorable that I can't bear to move them back into their cage to sleep.  We have frequent sleep overs.

They have also learnt that uni and study is a big part of my life.  So, by conveniently sleeping near my books or playing with my stationery they secure play time when I am trying to work.

Hello mummy,  I am on your books helping you study

These boys always pop their heads up when I come home from work. Are eager to come out of the cage and play a weird rat-version of 'tag'. From what I gather it's sniff mummy then bounce off when she moves. Endless entertainment.  They both jump up on my shoulders to go for a walk upstairs. This usually ends with cleavage diving and scratches in awkward places.  My doctor often stares at the scratches, a little scared to ask how they got "there".  They are supposedly very active pets...but my boys don't know that yet.

Gherkin (back turned), Sheba (nomming tree), and Figaro (black and white cat)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

An introduction of sorts

This is eventually where I will have my witty introduction post that will woo you into reading and following my blog. But for now...

from Icanhascheesburger